Many tiny cocktails

DIY cocktail machine

So cool that you are checking out my work.
As I got already two emails: I am not selling this thing. At least not at the moment.

BUT, it would mean a lot to me, if you could drop me an email in case you are remotely interested in owning your own cocktail machine.

Based on the feedback, I might consider doing some kind of kickstarter or start to sell DIY kits.

If you decide to invest the 2 minutes to send me an email, please tell me:
Do you want this machine plug and play ready?! How much would you pay for it?
Are you interested in a DIY kit? And what would you pay for the parts and a nice video documentation on how to put everything together.

Even if you are not willing to spend a penny on this and just have questions, please do not hesitate and send me a mail.

For now just some more pictures from the build process.
I will update this page when I have a bit more time.

Some snapshots

Case design with Freecad

Printing on a CR-10

Total print time for all the parts: About 30 hours

LED to signal machine status

Crimping connectors

Soldering 6 pin connector for the lazy susan

Lazy susan stepper motor

12V to 5V converter

ESP32 and converter inside nice 3d printed mini casings

Pumps in place

Getting somewhere

Throw it all toghether and spank it on the bottom


Hope you found all that somehow funny. Thanks for your attention.

in case you like cocktail machines.. take a look at my "cisco into cocktail bot" project.

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